The Foundation


The Bill Dudley Scholarship Foundation, formed in the fall of 1991, began fund-raising and awarded the first scholarship in 1993.


Since 1993, 25 Richmond-area high school senior football players have been awarded scholarships ranging from $1,000 in the early days to $4,000 today.


The scholarship winners must distinguish themselves based on academic performance, extra-curricular & community activities, financial need and athletic achievement.


The committee reviews the nominations provided by the area athletic directors and selects the most outstanding candidate after a comprehensive review.


The nomination process has steadily improved over the years and the high caliber of nominees has made the selection process a difficult but exciting affair.

Board of Directors

The Bill Dudley Scholarship Foundation is organized and managed by a total volunteer board of directors. The most important component to any organization is the people that make it work. We would like to thank all of our board members for their continued efforts that make this foundation possible.

Brian S. Davis

Blair Godsey

Katy Hunter

Drew Wiltshire

George D. Crosby, Jr.

Paul H. Sheehy

Steve E. Adams

Nick Costas

Jeff Galanti

Josh Simpson


Vice President



Past Members of the Board

Frank C. Maloney, IV, Past President

Ramon Chalkley, Jr., Past President

Bruce M. Milam, Past President

Lawrence M. Tuskey

Malcolm W. Christian

Honorable James M. Lumpkin

Jarrett D. Millard

James C. Stewart

A.N. "Bo" Hobbs, Jr.

J.R. Wilburn

Zirkle Blakey, III

Timothy L. Knighton

Mike O'Toole


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